How to complete board syllabus in faster

How to complete board syllabus in faster 

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Whether the board exam is 10th class or 12th class both students update the student's future from the exam i.e. board exam and very helpful in career and also very important that is why board exam is considered so In such a way if you are also in 10th class and do not understand your preparation,

I am going to tell you today such tips.

which is also important to understand before preparing for the board exam it is necessary to start preparations in advance and remember the concept of every subject.

 After that when you take your board exam final few days before the exam so that you can take your course!

1 month

Not already involved in preparing for the exam, the last moment is just starting with the help of it and the board knows all this to complete the exam syllabus in a month.

Create a Time Table 

 If you want to complete the syllabus of the time table 12 subjects, then you have to have a contact time table which tells that limited news is to be done.

 It may also happen that the options in the time table took to complete the make art subject and the preparation of the remaining subjects is complete.

Pomodoro technique

If you can prepare,You have to do that.

The timer was set, and the entire majority of these 25 minutes without any destruction should be studied and 5 when completed.

You can do anything other than earth and after completion, you should study again by setting a 25-minute timer.

Feynman technique 

 Take a 15-minute break after that. In this, you can do any shape other than study, so by doing this you will be complete in talk time as well as very well understood because by following them your full focus will remain on your topic and during What is the advance version of which product of your love can be obtained by getting a break, in which you will get 50 minutes of study and 10 minutes of break.

 Can a way to reduce the no, but if you have to prepare well then you should also Let's talk further.

If you want to do such preparation in the last days, after you have prepared the exam like you do not forget the formula chart derivatives at all and you will clear the concept of the Easily be able to effectively engage a questionnaire, 

then you should also adopt its specialty is that you can apply it only when according to you a topic is completely prepared and you have understood it very well to adopt this technique, suck the topic which according I am fully prepared.

 Now for the day you are a teacher and you are explaining the topic of concept to your student During this time, you should do with writing and speaking and in doing so you will know.

 Which player is and which points are still to be cleared, which point is not clear, they should be cleared immediately and complete the process again.

Clear the way that you will be able to type every type of question related to some topics in the exam and also do good things and talk about it. 

Set up special for yourself. You have to apply.

But here you will take a little more time to set the time.

Set a specific time for Study 

You have to apply because you want the result because there are so many important to give some exam that you have to cover the whole part of your childhood in a short time.

 For this you should make a habit of studying 10th science.

The syllabus can help in covering because reading at that time makes our brain ready to do that work and our love takes less time at the same time every day, which takes us more time if we do different things every day.

Solve the question Paper

 You can try it and see because after studying your brain fix time it is now time to say something that will solve question paper a few days before us is very What questions besides reading books sample paper?

A few days before us to complete and more and more marks, it is very important that in addition to reading text books,

 you have sworn in knowledge about question paper sample paper exam pattern of question training and now question in exam hall Solve the paper,

 how can anyone understand the time, then you have to call the work carefully. 

Ahead is Says that along with completing the syllabus to remove the exam paper in a good way, you should not talk about question paper working properly in board exam so that answer sheet of hard work is Answer Time you Proper Technique and follow this page every answer at the right time and complete writing in the topper should come. Busy with preparing, I write the answer.

Create Quick Notes

then there is not much to Do not write even Want to write Sutler and write so that the attention will be Really deep understanding of the particular topic, understanding what I want to Prepare notes for the exam,


 Along with this, if you are related to the office, you will also remember the last moment for the night.


which revise your exam date and prepare you for preparing for my board This video will be helpful for you and you will be able to leave well in your exam and all the best for board exams how was the video and if you feel that no one has actually studied all year with them from any day, this video Will share Want to know about the What is your question.

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