Paper presentation tips for board exams 2022

Paper Presentation tips for board exams 2022

tips and trick

how to present answers to all the questions that are going to be received in this ecosystem. So here we are with that video to tell you how to present each question in your exam, shall we start? my dear students in a substantial mass ratio of inactivity then go ahead.

How do you calculate time per question?

 Tip number 1 

 This is a very simple stick for every mug of your answer that has a specific word limit, which you have to take care of. Make sure you write it in a word or a sentence and this time you will find lots of blank about the pattern. Will be able to fill the site and objective types Questions and everything.

Paper presentation tips 

check answer,

So trying to stick to one word or one statement more than this will save your time and improve your present ability and when I say this, then no candidate will want to read. This statement answers another question. They trust me that now it comes in three mug fashion and beauty shows, you know, 50 to 60 word is the maximum range for our three-month question. So if I put it in perspective it is nothing but 2 or 4 lines. If, please make sure you do not extend your statements more than 8 to 10 sentences. 

time manage,timeslap

 cut that particular limit. Your answers are very perfect, and it will save you a lot of marks as well as a lot of time.

Write Marks Base Answers

Write Marks Base Answers

Tip Number 2 

 is very, very simple. Let us leave for a moment. But when you talk about the 3 mark, and if I am mark based, write your answers to the points in the proper bullet points instead of always writing them as a bullet because I have a problem of three months on this. So, write down three statements. Most important is this five-month comprehensive writing that writes five bullet points, not as an answer. Anything else? Good. 

Draw Good Diagrams 

Draw Good Diagrams

Tip Number 3 

it is very important to have diagram required. Please only such as if the has physics, but you do not have the right chapter. Power resistance problems everywhere from sources of energy required in the diagram. Now, you may ask me why be happy to draw a graphical race in a numerical race because it is in the tester Very good impression, and it also makes your problems very easy because once you draw the diagram it gives you more clarity about the question, isn't it? So if of physics, try to make pictures wherever necessary.

 Let us know about biology. I am sure that you will agree with me how important the diagram is for explaining each and every part of biology, now I am not sure what happens in the key or mathematics. Obviously, a lot of diagrams will be necessary that are the same for your  as well as girls. It is very important that you There is no need to explicitly draw diagrams because the awards are included.

 So clear that you write your answers that the examiner's death rate did not have a husband Israel time and nobody wanted to read again.

Don't do anything extra in exam

Tip number 4

Very simple people don't do anything extra. Please I found a lot of me in the previous video comments and many of you know that the comments coming from the sale of Casey Kane was a statement commander line raised when how many should I use. I use a black or plain blue pen.

 Do believe me my opinion, all this is a waste of time. Trust me the student who writes on the answer and underlines the important statement of the answer. To write three trips just north to the point. Both of them have equal marks no difference what matters and how clearly Chris wrote the answer. Please waste no time in underlining things. It doesn't work at all. Trust me or take the rabbit away from you in the examinations. 

Choose Which Sections attempt first

Tip number 5 

 I think that is the most important of all. Many strains are asking me sir. Any problem. If I do any problem first section D or section C then I can start from section C and come back to section. Absolutely no one will ever stop you and do so. Do not ever think twice that once you have the paper in your hand, you will have 15 minutes to read the paper carefully and set your priorities, which the question is going to try first. No matter which section it belongs to, but preferably I would first ask you to try it in one section. For example, if you are taking section c as five of the equation, first try the five marks of the questions and then move to section B and section is now that I would ask you to do it, but regardless Well, you are not doing this, this is fine. Now, what I mean is the child c section is not necessarily that section c starts at 16 and starting at sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty questions know that you can go from 20 starting to 16 which is not at all Could preferably. I would say always take a section in the finisher, now the first 15 minutes are happening Please make sure which questions you have noted, you know, very clearly there is an effort to first and then move on to the questions you don't know, I'm pretty sure I'm sure about this. Not that he is not sure because as a very hard work for all of you now. 

Also, a very important tip once again, they want to tell you now and make it clear in their minds here that the students are at risk again have to raise, do not escalate storms. Case six is ​​about waiting for the new Megan. So now like today, basically every time we look at the numbers, we start solving it directly, right? That very good thing don't lost any time, but it does not have a very good effect, is this a problem right? So once an examiner sees that more important he needs to understand that he has student joys so much like I have to do and there is a teachers at every step that you always know, you know, step by step.  right? So always try to start from your given things and make a set of things where you are given right The broadly given items are the ones you really need to find. Then go for the solution. The basic algorithm is not only a very good proper representation of your paper. It also gives you a clarity to keep all the things given to you. And this is what I need to find, then I will write the solution just on the formula and things will be very clear to me. Trust me when I say that students who do this are a lot more efficient than students who don't because I have taught for about six or seven years and I know this for sure. 

Do not panic while writing exam

do not panic in exam

dont panic

how to presentation in exam paper

Tip number 6

 It's very simple there is no cut for any of your people, you re-submit the presentation or presentation of anything. It's about making sure that on the exam guide do not panic while writing, it is very important that all of us have done this, and we all make sure that your mind is calm while sitting in the exam, to make sure you have 15 minutes to read the paper before you go home. Get out, you'll get more time. My income is long bread because it will definitely help you in panics. Isn't that going to help you. Make sure you are nervous with confidence.

 I hope you learn something and all the best for exam preparation 

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