Physics Wallah Lakshya batch Notes PDF

Physics Wallah Lakshya batch Notes PDF 

Lakshya batch physics wallah
Lakshya batch

How is Lakshya batch of Physics Wallah ? 

Lakshya batch un students ke leyai hai jo target kar rahe  hai class 12 board, jee main and Neet

 About batch

 1 Live class plus recording video available.
 2 Har chapter ke baad apko dpp bhe milegi.
 3 Lectures Notes.
 4 Test Series.
 5 Unit test.
 6 discussion.

 High quality education at ( 999 rupees) .

How many students Join Lakshya batch of physics wallah ? 

 200000 ( Assumption numbers ).

Physics wallah Lakshya batch free lectures and pdf 

CLICK on the chapter to get link

Chapter 1. Electric charge and field
    Notes and DPP  here 

Chapter 2. Electrostatics potential & Capacitor

Chapter 3. Current electricity (Lecture  here )

Chapter 4. Moving Charges and Magnetism

Chapter 5. Magnetism and Matter

Chapter 6. Electromagnetic Induction 

Chapter 7. Alternating Current 

Chapter 8. Electromagnetic Waves ( only Notes  and dpp in pdf here )

Chapter 9. Ray Optics ( only lecture here )

Chapter 10. Wave Optics (here notes only )

Chapter 11. Dual Nature of

Chapter 12. Atoms

Chapter 13. Nuclei

Chapter 14. Semiconductors only notes here

physics wallah Lakshya batch review ? 

Quora Answers.  Here 
Lakshya batch physics wallah review
Review 1

Review 2 

Physics Wallah Application installed on play store 

 Agar ap PC use karte hai thoh ap
 website par jakar login kar sakte hai 

I hope you learned something 

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